Odell Beckham Jr. Signature Sweepstakes: Cowboys vs. Bills in Free Agent WR?

Bills star Von Miller, Odell Beckham Jr.’s teammate on the Rams, has basically promised the receiver will come to Buffalo. But there’s a real buzz elsewhere — the Dallas Cowboys.

Free agency wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The longer he waits to make a decision, the clearer it will become — maybe not to the rest of us, because OBJ sure loves NFL free agency drama…but for him It’s definitely clear.

Will the fog dissipate and reveal a key area of ​​the vision? Which of the potential bidders in the OBJ sweepstakes he thinks are Super Bowl contenders.

Beckham, who continues to recover from a knee injury in the Rams’ Super Bowl win last season, has basically made it clear that the Buffalo Bills are on his landing spot wish list. Bill talks about it very openly.

“If we thought he could help this team,” Bills general manager Brandon Bean said, “we’d be crazy, at least not look into it.”

Bills star Von Miller, Beckham’s teammate on the Rams, has basically promised the receiver will come to Buffalo. OBJ adds to the drama by asking questions on social media about the location of his locker at Bill’s headquarters.

He also failed to include the Dallas Cowboys on interesting social media lists at one point. More recently, though, Dallas legend Michael Irving said he has spoken to the OBJ that the two-time All-Star is “interested” in the Cowboys.

As Dallas COO Stephen Jones said before the trade deadline because the Cowboys failed to acquire Houston’s Blandin Cook: A trade “isn’t the only way to get a player.”


Why did the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills make a real splash, but the others didn’t? What about the Bucs, the Rams, the Packers? If Beckham hopes to join a real Super Bowl contender, he might look at the standings and knock it out. Reunited with a giant? He had to wonder if their records were a mirage. Chief? Definitely a contender, but just traded for Kadarius Toni.

Bean acknowledged Beckham’s talent while being honest about some of the issues that had to be addressed. For one thing, will his knee really heal in time for this month’s game? next month? And for others..

“OBJ is a genius,” Bean said. “You have to remember that there are finances, there are roles, there are all kinds of things that have to be lined up. But yeah, you can – of course, with a guy as talented as him, we’ll look into it.”

Has ‘financial’ meaning, “Does he really want that $13 million APY like Michael Gallup?’” Has ‘role’, meaning “he’ll bow down to Buffalo’s Stephen Diggs and Where is Dallas’ CeeDee Lamb on their respective teams’ depth charts”? It means “all kinds of things”, well, you know…drama.

This list may be short. The idea of ​​Beckham not prioritizing coming to Buffalo is “crazy.”

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