Cowboys Close to Blockbuster Wide Receiver Trade

The Dallas Cowboys reportedly orchestrated a blockbuster wide receiver trade nearly before Tuesday’s deadline.

The NFC East team was reportedly close to acquiring veteran wide receiver Brandin Cooks from the Texans this afternoon in Houston.

However, no deal was reached. A potential deal hit a snag in Cooks’ $18 million guarantee in 2023.

Cooks remains in Houston.

“The Cowboys and Texans are discussing a deal to send WR Brandin Cooks to Dallas, according to sources. Both sides are around. Cook’s $18 million guarantee in 2023 is a deal breaker here,” Al Burt Blair said.

Meanwhile, Brandin Cooks shared on Twitter Tuesday afternoon his reaction to staying in Houston. In short, he is not happy.

“Don’t take the kindness of men for granted. Gone are the days of covering up lies for too long. Playing my career crossed the line,” he tweeted.

The Cowboys should be fine without Cook, but it will certainly be interesting to see him in Dallas’ passing offense.

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